First Time Sewing a Zipper for a Tote Bag

In the past days I had a problem with the prototype of my tote bag: I didn’t find a method to prevent rain water from getting in the bag. I decided that a good solution would be to sew a zipper. I’ve sewed zippers before, but this time I wanted to do an invisible stitch, so my final product would look clean. But I had no clue how to make it possible.

First Time Sewing a Zipper for a Tote Bag

After I realized how complicated it is to find a proper way to sew the zipper, I remembered the way I felt the day I sew a zipper for the first time. It seemed as complicated as the first time and the frustration was at the same level. Back then, Alexandra asked me to sew a tote bag similar to those that I made for Balkanik Fair. It was an easy job for me, because I have already sewn a few bags. But when it come to sew the zipper I had a bad feeling that I could not do the job well.

First Time Sewing a Zipper for a Tote Bag

What I like at Molcush is that the environment is proper to create and all around the place you feel a good vibe. Probably because when you’re down, you can eat a Raffaello and it all passes away.

So, back to my story: it was my first time sewing a zipper and I didn’t feel confortable. After I managed to set the pins, I started sewing the lines and… voilà!

First Time Sewing a Zipper for a Tote Bag

It was a mess. The stitches were all wrong. I had to unstitch all the sewing lines and got to ask Alexandra to help finish my job. It doesn’t feel well to let your job be finished by others, but I accept that I have more things to learn in the sewing shop.

First Time Sewing a Zipper for a Tote Bag

After a while, and a lot of zippers sewed in a visible manner (you can see the stitches inside of the bag), I decided that I want to go to the next level. So, there I was a couple of days ago. I wanted to find a way to hide my stitched under some layers of fabric and to have a clean image of the bag.

First Time Sewing a Zipper for a Tote Bag

After lots of headaches and zippers sewed for all the products that I created, I finally understood how I should do it. It was a relief to get to know how the upper side of my tote bags would finally look like.

I understand that I have more techniques to learn, but I am still enthusiastic. My only concern is Patience. I hope I’ll have enough to follow my path.

Hi, my name is Corina and I am pursuing my dream. Not long ago I started learning how to use a sewing machine and sooner or later I will create awesome clothes for me and for people around the world.

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  • hihihi, you will, I am sure!
    Si n-ai idee ce frumos scrii 🙂 Si cand ai rabdare, n-ai idee ce lucrusoare frumoase iti ies din maine 🙂 Si imi mai place ca ai asa o imaginatie si un stil aparte 🙂 You will make it, my dear Corina! Eu asa cred si nu ma indoiesc deloc de asta! Am zis si am decis!
    Invarteala placuta la balet :*

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