80% of a Tote Bag

This was a full day of work! Right after I arrived at the shop, I got my directions and I started working on a new product. For this day I had to sew a tote bag, from the beginning to the end.

For instance, I received the fabric (it was already cut out) and I had to set the pins on it. This task was easy, because the other day I’ve done the same process.

a2 1

a2 6

I sew the lines on each part of the product, next I fixed one piece inside the other and then sew the two parts together. The final product was almost at the end when Alexandra told me that we needed to find some kind of shoulder straps.

a2 7

a2 8

Because we wanted to create something different, we invented a style of brace. So, this was the first time when I used sponge for a product and, of course, the first time I sew two pieces of fabric and a layer of sponge. It was a difficult task, but I vividly finished it.

a2 2

a2 3

I also learned how to reverse the product (when you sew the first stitch, your product should be inside out). Even if it was hard at the beginning, after some try-out I made it.

a2 4

a2 5

Yep, that’s the bag! I made 80% of it! After I finished what I could do (with all the knowledge I built up in just two days), Alexandra sew the last stitch and the product was 100% done, ready to be displayed on Balkanik Fair.

a2 13

The last task for the day was to cut squares of fabric for the patching workshop that Alexandra will organise the next week.

a2 9

a2 10

a2 11

a2 12

I am super excited about my new abilities. More stories to come!

Hi, my name is Corina and I am pursuing my dream. Not long ago I started learning how to use a sewing machine and sooner or later I will create awesome clothes for me and for people around the world.

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