I Made My First Tote Bag (All by My Own)

Today I went to my mother’s place and borrowed her sewing machine, her triplock, and some other instruments for tailoring. I felt like it was Christmas Day and I received the gift I wanted the most. I then ran home and planned my project that I’ve already talked about here.

With a little help from Alexandra, who gave me some fabric for tasting my skills, I sat down the layout of my first bag created all by my own.

Because it was an intense process, and I was so excited, I forgot to take pictures. But I won’t forget the thrill and the super excitement that I felt after I finished my first product made all by my own.

The only picture taken while I was choosing the fabrics which I would use for the bag is this one. The cat was also super exited about having paper bags and empty boxes all around.

I Made My First Tote Bag (All by My Own)

A terrifying moment was when I curved the needle of the sewing machine. At first I panicked but then I managed to change it and moved on the other steps.

Although at first I’ve done some mistakes, I was really happy to remember all the steps from the other days. So I managed to fix the errors and the final product was awesome.

I Made My First Tote Bag (All by My Own)

I sent a picture to Alexandra and she congratulated me. It feels amazing when someone encourage you and tells you to keep on going.

I Made My First Tote Bag (All by My Own)

So, wherever your dreams are, keep working on them! It feels great when you have little achievements.

Hi, my name is Corina and I am pursuing my dream. Not long ago I started learning how to use a sewing machine and sooner or later I will create awesome clothes for me and for people around the world.

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