Two months after launching Pink Zipper

Two months after I launched Pink Zipper I am still trying to get used to my new lifestyle. Although I’ve never had an office job, it was difficult to start a business and to think totally out of the box. It’s still hard to have an entrepreneurial ‘mindset’, but I am doing my best to grow Pink Zipper as a business while also learning a lot of new things.

What did I realize meanwhile about growing a business?

There are two important things I learned I have to do: 1. Juggle around with all the different tasks (from sewing to social-media posts and actual selling). and 2. Bring people next to me and my project. That’s super important. If for now there are some things that I can do without help, there are a lot of things that requires a helping hand.

After I decided to bring Pink Zipper to life, I asked some friends to help me with the branding and the photos for the site. They were super excited and that gave me a ton of positive energy to keep working on the project. Since then, we worked as a team and now’s a good moment to say: Thanks, guys!

When people usually find out about your new business or project, they will start shooting ideas that could be helpful one day. It’s important to listen to them all and to take notes even if for the moment it seems unnecessary. Me, as a person, I’m not very open to new things. But I’m working on this aspect and people shooting ideas turned out to be a very helpful exercise.

You have to know a little bit of everything. From business to marketing and design… I started to learn all the things that seem important to me. As tools, I discovered some MOOCs and online courses that helped me gain some business knowledge. Also, I devote a good part of my time reading books about entrepreneurship and start-ups.

In the meantime, I started to make a habit of surfing on Pinterest and creating Fashion Boards. I think creativity is a super important tool that needs to be fed. Besides that, I like to read various types of printed magazines in order to see diverse types of photos and ideas to promote your brand.

Last, but not least, I realized that I have to learn to draw if I want to develop the design section of Pink Zipper. Since my direction is to create clothes, learning how to draw seems to be a huge step if I want to be able to create and design something awesome before I manufacture it.

That’s pretty much what I’ve learned so far in my new entrepreneurial life. Many things will come along the way, I’m sure!

Hi, my name is Corina and I am pursuing my dream. Not long ago I started learning how to use a sewing machine and sooner or later I will create awesome clothes for me and for people around the world.

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